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Learn About Some Domestic Health Problems

Learn About Some Cat Domestic Health Problems by Judy Wellsworth

Cats are domesticated animals that do have some health problems from time to time. The cat domestic health problems arise sometimes because of no reason, and sometimes there is a specific reason. Every cat breed has different health concerns and if the pet goes outside, the health problem risks are higher. These small creatures need care and proper care to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Many Reasons for Cat Vomiting

Cats have bouts of vomiting due to hairballs, digestive tract ailments and because of consuming food to fast. If a cat has hairballs, you need to use some form of relief to help loosen the obstruction. Eating grass is one way to clear the obstruction, or a medication from the vet may be required. Cats have high stress in some cases and this causes vomiting and fatigue. The cat will show signs of depression if the health problem persists.

Some cats feel the need to eat fast, whether you have more than one cat or not, the cat may feel he needs to eat fast or not get enough. These types of cat domestic health problems usually require giving food that is readily available anytime so that cat realizes the food will always be available. When the cat eats fast, the food does not digest and comes back up soon after eating.

Cat Domestic Health Problems with Diarrhea

Cats sometimes have diarrhea, which can result from certain foods or another internal health problem. If a cat has the diarrhea for a couple days, no action is required. If the problem persists for longer, a vet needs to do some tests to determine the problem before the cat becomes dehydrated.

Sometimes changing the diet to a bland array of foods helps with the problem. Some cats might not like it or eat it, but you can try a little cooked rice mixed with cottage cheese or a potato that has been cooked and cooled. If you still have problems, it could be more serious.

Ear and Eye Cat Domestic Health Problems

Cats always stick there heads somewhere and they are prong to scratching their eyes with their own claws. If you see a problem with the eyes, you should seek out medical treatment to preserve the sight of the cat. Cats have allergies just as people do and sometimes need to have a prescribed medication to prevent watering and crusting around the eyes.

The ears are sensitive and need care in order to keep them free from parasites and infections. If cats have ear mites, they need to have a treatment to eliminate the parasite. Sometimes cat spend time outdoors, and in the cold weather, the ear tips can become frost bitten with over exposure to the freezing cold. This requires cutting the tips of ears off to protect the rest of the ear. Cat domestic health problems are minimal, but do exist in even the healthiest cat that receives love and proper care.

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